Vegan Food Pyramid

That’s right! I’m selling Vegan Food Pyramid.

I originally created this website and the poster as a teenager, back in 2006. This has been a project I’ve enjoyed working on over the years.

The original vision started with me answering a simple question, why was I vegan? I decided I could use my design skills to explain that question. I put over 50 hours into the original design of the pyramid and purchased 2,000 posters to start my business.

Then, several years later I redesigned the entire poster and cleaned up some things, along with talking to a nutritionist about the amounts.

Also, over the years I’ve had many people kindly offer to translate the pyramid, for free. I get another language offer every few months.

I love this pyramid, and it’s a project that’s dear to my heart.

So why am I selling?

For so long I’ve done very little with the project, it’s just been sitting here unattended. I think it’s time that I pass this on to someone else and see where they can take it.

I’m not selling it for the money, but rather to have someone else take this to new heights and help the project reach its full potential. Over the years I’ve sold hundreds of posters, and hundreds of postcards. Right now sales are slow, as I’m doing zero marketing efforts.

Any sales for the site are coming from organic and referral traffic (3,500 users in the last month according to Google Analytics).

If you purchase this site you’d be getting a brand that’s been around for a long time and has recognizable value.

Now, I realize this site has a lot of potential which isn’t being realized, so I’m not unrealistic in what I can expect to sell it for. However, any offer under $2,000 will be completely ignored. It doesn’t mean that I’ll sell it for that price, but anything below that won’t count as a real offer.

Interested? Send me an email at [email protected].